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Aerolight Up&Over Ramp Kit

The complete up and over solution for thresholds The NEW Aerolight-Up&Over kit combines the versatile Aerolight-Xtra with the innovative Doorline-Multi, providing everything needed for access up to and over the threshold. Your benefits: Versatile, quick and easy to deploy Solves most threshold types and heights Portable and easy to store..

Ultralight Folding Ramp

The Benefits: Low kerbs and long bevel sides greatly increase clearance for scooters & power chairs Can be used to bridge thresholds The ramp folds in half for compact storage Choose from a range of 3 sizes for a quick and easy to deploy problem solver – ideal for those..

Ultralight Telescopic Ramp

Versatile ramps that can be used at any length. The most adjustable ramp in the range, these ramps extend up to nearly 3m, yet are extremely compact for easy storage in a vehicle. Available in 2 or 3 section versions to suit your storage requirements. The Benefits: Versatile ramps that..

Aerolight Xtra Ramp

Introducing the Aerolight Xtra, a premium folding suitacase ramp. Quick and easy to deploy, the Aerolight-Xtra is an all round winner in real life situations. Since its introduction in 2003, the original style of the Aerolight has seen many improvements and is also available as High Rise, and Up&Over kits. Your..

Doorline Multi Threshold Ramp

Designed to overcome PVC door thresholds PVC door threshold problems can easily be beaten with the innovative Doorline-multi. Now available in two sizes, this unique product rests securely on the threshold whilst spreading the weight and creating a strong edge nosing for any Aerolight ramp needed for access from the..

Ultra Lightweight Combi Ramp

Amazingly versatile for straight or up-and-over use This unique lightweight channel ramp is both folding and telescopic, making it one of the most versatile ramps on the market. Also available in an even wider channel option. Your benefits: Use straight or folded over a threshold depending on the need! Low kerbs..

Aerolight Classic Ramp

So easy – simply place and use!  The NEW Aerolight-Classic is available in shorter lengths where the convenience of a folding product may not be needed. Your benefits: Great portable solution for thresholds, kerbs and steps Well suited for public access Extremely stable; perfect for walking users Code Length Ramp Width*..


7 products