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Carbon Fibre Track Wheel - Wheelchair Add on

The all new Carbon Fibre Track Wheel allows you to convert your wheelchair into an agile tricycle, providing a new sense of speed and freedom! The outdoor front wheel Track Wheel is the ideal companion for excursions in the city, in the forest or on the beach, ultra light, easy..

UNAwheel Mini - Wheelchair Power Wheel

UNAwheel Mini is a revolutionary wheelchair device, being your personal UNiversal Assistant and guide to high-speed movement at the same time. The world’s lightest wheelchair power add-on which is guaranteed to revolutionise the manual wheelchair market within the UK. Weighing just 5.3kg, with a length of 85cm and a wheel..

UNAwheel MAXI Wheelchair Power Add-On

The UNAwheel Maxi is a wheelchair power add-on that provides wheelchair users with a power boost. It is designed for people who are unable to walk but who are able to use a wheelchair independently. Thanks to its simple attachment mechanism, adjustment possibilities and modular design, the UNA Maxi can..

Aware 2 Rear View Camera System for PowerChairs and Scooters

**NEW and IMPROVED** Cheelcare's AWARE Rear-View Camera System for Power Wheelchairs and Scooters provides you with a renewed sense of security and increased safety. The wide-angle camera provides a 170-degree viewing field behind you, while the built-in radar provides you with an estimated distance between obstacles. The optional buzzer gives..

Street Jet Power Wheel

Street Jet - a detachable motor, that turns a manual wheelchair into an electric scooter. Easy to use, fast to attach to almost any models of the manual wheelchair The Street Jet's small, detachable motor made of Aluminium 7020 is incredibly light and resistant. The attachment is remarkable – line..

Empulse R20 Wheelchair Push Device

Revolutionary, lightest, foldable pushing aid for manual wheelchairs The Sunrise empulse R20 is a foldable push device for manual wheelchairs making it even easier to move forward, whether that be uphill, downhill or longer distances. The R20 supports the attendant pushing the wheelchair in lots of everyday situations where you..

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6 products