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Alerta MoveAssist - Transfer Assist

The Alerta MoveAssist is a transfer assist unit which makes transfer functions of all types quick and easy, requiring minimal caregiver assistance. The Alerta MoveAssist promotes user engagement and enhances mobility. Each unit is equipped with a crossbar which users can grasp and pull themself up into a standing position using their own strength. The..

Rota Patient Moving Stand

The Rota Stand has been developed to allow an assisted transfer from one seated position to another. The frame, shin pad and turn table combine to give optimum safety to both carer and patient during the transfer. Allows a safe, smooth and controlled swivel transfer Reduces the need to "hold"..

Orbital Transfer Platform With Knee / Forearm Support

Description Pivots between sitting surfaces Reduces physical strains placed on carers Handle bar surrounds user for increased support Non slip footplate offers secure foothold for user Optional Foot or Forearm support Product Features Assists a person who is weight bearing and has good upper body strength to transfer from one..

Casa Lift Hoist

Description The Casalift Hoist is a lightweight and versatile lifting device for use when transferring individuals. Easy manoeuvrability and access Lightweight frame is easy to move into position High lifting range and safe working load Ergonomic, user friendly handset Product Features Use of the Casalift is facilitated considerably by its..

Stand Up Sling

Description The Stand up sling is designed to assist with the standing process. Fully padded polyester sling with non slip mesh and adjustable body belt for added security Only suitable for those who have a degree of weight bearing capability

Transfer Turntable

Description Ideal for use during many day to day transfers Gives a full 360 degree rotation Provides a smooth and easy rotation when transferring users Strong, lightweight and portable Product Features Transfer Turntable can be an invaluable aid for a carer or relative, providing a smooth, easy and constant rotation..

Wendeylett Turning System

Description The WendyLett Turning System has been developed to facilitate repositioning in bed. Base Sheet assists independent turning in bed 2WAY System assists the Carer to move and position the User 4WAY System enables repositioning in multiple directions Allows easy turning and repositioning of the User Product Features The system..

Drive Lift Aid

Description The Drive Lift Aid enables Users to be quickly and efficiently transferred from bed to chair, chair to commode/bathroom etc. in a fraction of the time required for a conventional sling lifter. Allows the User to participate with the lift/transfer Low castors for better access under beds Ergonomic push..
10 products

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