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Nail Clippers with Magnifier

Description Detachable magnetic magnifier Flexible positioning of magnifier Easy to grip handle Foldaway design

Gel Ball Hand Exerciser

A therapeutic aid which provides soft or firm level resistance training for exercises that strengthen weakened or injured hands, fingers, wrists and forearms Returns back to its original shape after each squeeze Perfect for use in the home, office or clinic Small size is ideal for a handbag or pocket..

Hip Kit

Description Hip kits assist individuals with limited mobility to carry out tasks independently with the use of the following daily living aids - Long Handled Bath Sponge Poly Stocking Aid Hand-held Reacher 81cm (32") Plastic Shoe Horn & Elastic Laces

Handy Grabber

Description The Drive range of Handy Grabbers make life easier when reaching for things on the top of a shelf or off the floor.

Multi Purpose Furniture Raiser

  Raises chairs, settees and beds to make sitting down/standing up easier Designed to be discreet when used under furniture Each support pivots on link bars to ensure a snug fit to side of furniture either at corner or as central support Height adjustable with simple to use 2cm (0.75)..

Elephant Feet

Description Safe and economical solution for raising height of existing chairs to facilitate sitting down/standing up. Increase height of chairs, beds and tables Furniture legs/castors fit securely Slip resistant pads ensure stability Weight capacity 380kg (60st) (including furniture) Cone shaped grey raisers increase height of chairs, beds and tables by..

Grip On Raisers

Description Simple, inexpensive way to facilitate getting in and out of a chair, these highly versatile raisers increase height of furniture, gripping on to legs for security. Attaches to furniture without damaging it Height adjustment is achieved tool free Purchase 2 packs for max raise height of 12.7cm (5") Weight..

Anti Slip Material Reels

Description These Anti-Slip material reels offer a DIY alternative to the manufactured range and provide bespoke solutions to Anti-Slip issues. The material is very flexible and can be cut to any size and shape. Provides a firm grip and hold for domestic objects such as cups, plates and cutlery Ideal..
20 products


20 products