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Jay Xtreme Active Cushion

Increased skin protection for active wheelchair users The JAY Xtreme Active is a lightweight and low profile wheelchair cushion for active performance and easy transfers. Designed to provide both pressure relief and stability to active users, the JAY fluid pad insert maximises skin protection and reduces shear on the active..

Jay Balance Cushion

The perfect balance between skin protection and stability. Combining the high skin protection qualities of the JAY J2 wheelchair cushion with the stability and positioning capability of the J3, the JAY Balance wheelchair cushion adds exceptional comfort to ensure that there are no compromises. Features include:- Reduced seat height (via Seat..

Jay J2 Cushion

Stability and positioning with skin integrity protection. Product Features: Firm base, anatomical well, femoral loading Carveable base for build-ups, cut outs and customisation Jay Fluid Tripad for ischial immersion and envelopment Wide range of and postual support accessories Two cover options - 3DX Microclimatic cover or incontinence cover. Clinical Application:..

Jay Zip Cushion

Skin protection and positioning designed just for kids. The JAY Zip is an anti-microbial, convenient,  and comfortable skin protection and positioning cushion designed specifically for kids! Soft Foam Base with Varying Firmness The Zip cushion's dual-layered foam base combines structural support and comfort. Typically, a child using an 8" wide..

Jay Easy Visco Cushion

High level comfort and positioning with mild pressure redistribution. Product Features: Lightweight precontoured foam with medial/ lateral thigh support Visco elastic foam in the seat well to allow immersion of the ischial tuberosities and load distribution to the femurs Sacral and seat rail notches Curved or flat base for use..

Jay Basic Cushion

Mild contouring for basic needs. Features: Durable moulded foam contoured for mild lateral and posterior stability Bevelled base for use with sling seat Incontinence cover Clinical Application: Client requires comfort with minimal postural support Low risk of skin breakdown or shear, intact skin integrity Independent weight shifts   Download the..

Jay Lite Cushion

Specifically designed for the active client seeking minimal weight. Product Features: Extremely lightweight, breathable, airflow layered foam base with ischial cut outs Excellent lateral and forward/rearward stability achieved via combination of Optiwell™ technology and firmness layering in base – “the pelvis fits the well” Optiwell technology, ischial cut-outs and scooped..

Jay Care Cushion

Designed specifically to address the needs of the elderly client. Product Features: Contoured shape for symmetrical positioning and both forward/rearward and lateral stability “Fluid Tripad“ incorporates three sections to ensure fluid remains under ischials with Jay Flow also protecting thighs and acting as incontinence resistant casing Longer seat well to..


8 products