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Relaxa Bath Lift with Remote Control

The Relaxa bath lift is a slimline bathing aid which fits mosts baths and is easy to install. There are no electrics or plumbing required and the bath lift operates using a handy rechargeable battery. The belt gently lowers you into the bath and again gently rises, when you are..

Long Handled Net Sponge

Description Allows easy cleaning for more difficult to reach areas Removes need for excessive movement or bending Encourages the soap to lather The handle has a loop on the end to hang up when not in use Product Features The curved handle allows those with restricted or painful movement to..

Lotion Applicator With Massaging Head

Description Enables the user to apply creams, oils and lotions Can also be used as a simple but effective massage device Features a washable foam head Most parts are dishwasher safe Product Features Dual Function Lotion Applicator and Massage Head enables the user to apply creams, oils and lotions to..

Extra Long Handled Sponges

Description Maintain hygiene in difficult to reach areas Useful for bathing needs or household chores Long sponge has a strong, acrylic handle Angled at sponge end for optimal reach Product Features Assists individuals with limited shoulder, trunk or hip movement to maintain hygiene in difficult to reach areas Multipurpose sponges..

Inflatable Hair Wash Basin

Product Features Simple, sturdy PVC shampoo basin that easily inflates by mouth or pump Ideal for bed use, it is easily and conveniently drained with a one-way hose Enables hair to be washed in bed without mess or fuss The sides of the basin fit snugly around the user’s head..

Folding Commode

This extremely lightweight, sturdy steel commode folds easily for storage or transport. This extremely lightweight, sturdy steel commode It has comfortable armrests The commode’s 5 litre pan, with lid andhandle The back of the frame forms a backrest when in use Product Features This extremely lightweight, sturdy steel commode folds..

Otter Bath Chair with Soft Fabric covers

The Otter Bath Chair system comes with Soft Fabric has some give for greater comfort, moulding around the child to give support. Comes complete with trunk and leg straps for variable postural control Extra padding between the fabric and chair frame to minimise potential impact injuries

Soapy Soles

This gentle massage pad has hundreds of soft little fingers to clean your feet with no bending or reaching. It attaches to the bathtub or shower floor by powerful suction cups on it's underside. Simply wet it, apply a quantity of your favourite liquid soap and rub your foot back..
12 products


12 products