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Uccello Safety Kettle with Tipping action

The revolutionary shape of the Uccello Kettle was thoughtfully designed to enable hot water to be poured from your Kettle to your cup; effortlessly, safely, and independently. The light-weight design, combined with the rotating cradle of the Uccello Kettle, means you only have to “tilt-to-pour”, eliminating any lifting, straining, or trying to balance and aim when pouring hot..

Tarta Under Seat Wheelchair Bag - Black

The new Tarta Under Seat Bag has been designed to be easy to assemble and use. Compared to a traditional backpack on the wheelchair backrest, this bag sits nicely under your seat, giving you easy access    Tarta Under Seat Bag offers the following benefits: The weight and the bulkheads..

Rollz Flex Rollator

Your design rollator with a large bag Shopping is a fun outing with the Rollz Flex rollator. This pliable, lightweight rollator offers support for both you and all the things you would like to carry along. Its unique design makes it a rollator-in-disguise, one you happily show to others. The..

FlexyFoot Folding Carbon Crutches - Single or Pair

Flexyfoot Carbon Folding Crutch These stylish, textured matt black / red Open Cuff Ergo Grip Carbon Folding Crutches come with Flexyfoot fitted as standard. Why Should I Choose Open Cuff Crutches? For a modern, less bulky look, the open cuff provides a lightweight, more compact crutch while demonstrating equal mobility..

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4 products